18 April 2011

Metro bar in Phnom Penh

Great night

Siem Reap to Phnom Penh

The Mekong Express isn't quite as romantic as it sounds. Big tip:
watch and make sure your baggage gets on the coach.

06 April 2011


Breakfast at the Renaissance in KL reminds you that we are at a
cultural intersection in Asia. Perhaps a dozen languages, but the
breakfast! Western cereal, donuts, pastries, Japanese noodles, pork
buns, salad, yoghurts, roti, Dahl, rendang, beef bacon, eggs, spiced
fruit waffles, fruit, lassi, cheese platter, sausages, Chinese
vegetables, sambal, nasi lemak, French toast with a dozen toppings,
porridges, indigenous eggs benedict, coffee, teas and ...

National mosque of Malaysia

We were welcomed in, no searches, welcome to bring in our backpacks,
and we watched the mosque school kids doing call to prayer singing

KL Sentral Railway

NB last month we were told we weren't allowed to take photos of ADELAIDE railway station because of "terrorism"! Nice to see Malaysia isn't as silly as a sleepy Australian country town.

03 April 2011