16 May 2010

I was hoping for 350

but 322 km/h will do. TGV is comfy, quiet and a nice way to travel.

Mimi with...

... her €15 Deutsche ancient camera from Strasbourg

14 May 2010

Outside the front door


… and down the street is the most sensational butcher. Last night’s raw slivers, and tonight’s 1” steak were amazing.

Friday’s trip


450 km in 2:20 hours. A Metro and rail system with 2 minutes between services. Unified ticketing. Maybe a thousand or so metropolitan metro and RER stations. It all just works. And Sydney can’t do a 1/5 of it. Thank you Australian Labor Party (NSW Branch).

09 May 2010

More Hong Kong

I like most food. IMG_7094

Hong Kong Disneyland was interesting, starting with the hand rails in the train… IMG_7098

And I’m not sure who this resonates with…IMG_7106

Hong Kong

Mimi seems to have taken to the Temple Street markets. Dinner was beef with ginger and shallots on a table in the street.IMG_7078 A vast array of highly unsuitable goods were ignored, in favour of umbrellas packed in sports drinks bottles. IMG_7080


Breakfast in HK